Invited speakers

Ruma Banerjee, University of Michigan, USA - keynote
Bo Barker Jørgensen, Aarhus University, Denmark - keynote
Peter Girguis, Harvard University, USA
Trinity Hamilton, University of Cincinnati, USA
Kasper Kjeldsen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Filip Meysman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Inês Pereira, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Michael Pester, Leibniz Institute DSMZ Braunschweig, Germany
Simon Roux, Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek, USA
Fons Stams, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Jonathan Todd, University of East Anglia, England
Lizzy Wilbanks, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Michael Wilkins, Ohio State University, USA
Boswell Wing, University of Colorado, USA

  • 2 Keynote lectures (45 min each)
  • 12 Invited speakers (30 min each)
  • 16 Contributed talks (20 min each)
  • 6 Student talks (15 min each)
  • 2 Poster sessions (ca. 120 min each)

MONDAY 16 April 2018

08:00  Registration
09:00  Welcome
Sulfur chemistry and microbes in the wild, in animals, and in us (Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Symbiosis, Evolution)
Convenor: Tim Ferdelman
09:15 Opening keynote lecture: The sulfur cycle of marine sediments Bo Barker Jørgensen <Aarhus University, Denmark>
Convenor: David Johnston
10:00 Biogeochemistry of intermediate sulphur species Alyssa Findlay <Aarhus University, Denmark>
10:20 Coffee break 
10:50 Invited talk: Sulfur, sulfur intermediates, and sulfur as an intermediary Peter Girguis <Harvard University, USA>
11:20 Acidobacterial genomes recovered from Arctic marine sediments indicate the potential for various contributions to sulfur cycling Kenneth Wasmund <University of Vienna, Austria>
11:40 Invited talk: Community assembly and ecophysiology of sulfate-reducing microorganisms in marine subsurface sediments Kasper Urup Kjeldsen <Aarhus University, Denmark>
12:10 Lunch Break  
Session continued: Sulfur chemistry and microbes in the wild, in animals, and in us (Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Symbiosis, Evolution)
Convenor: Jana Milucka
14:00 Invited talk: Microbial electron transport over centimeter-scale distances in aquatic sediments Filip Meysman <Antwerp University, Belgium>
14:30 Novel sulfur oxidizers in marine sediments - the overlooked key players? Petra Pjevac <University of Vienna, Austria>
14:50 Exploring the diversity of dissimilatory sulfur metabolism: New insights from environmental microbiomes Karthik Anantharaman <University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA>
15:10 Coffee break
Convenor: Andreas Schramm
15:40 Invited talk: Novel sulfate reducers within microbial dark matter? Insights from freshwater wetlands Michael Pester <Leibniz Institute DSMZ, Germany>
16:10 Microbial community dynamics and oxic-anoxic regime shifts in a seasonally stratified lake Gerard Muyzer <University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands>
16:30 Invited talk: Microscale sulfur cycling and phototrophy in the "pink berry" consortia of the Sippewissett salt marsh Lizzy Wilbanks <University of California, Santa Barbara, USA>
17:00 Poster session
19:00 Welcome Reception



TUESDAY 17 April 2018

Session continued: Sulfur chemistry and microbes in the wild, in animals, and in us (Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Symbiosis, Evolution)
Convenor: Monika Bright
09:00 Outsider keynote lecture: Signaling through hydrogen sulfide Ruma Banerjee <University of Michigan, USA>
Convenor: Silvia Bulgheresi
09:50 Shining a light on sulfur cycling in the deep biosphere Mark Dopson <Linnaeus University, Sweden>
10:10 Invited talk: Viruses of microbes and their impacts on microbial metabolic networks Simon Roux <Joint Genome Institute, USA>
10:40 Coffee break 
11:10 Invited talk: Chemical and viral controls on high sulfate reduction rates in wetland ecosystems Mike Wilkins <Ohio State University, USA>
11:40 A new source of hydrogen sulfide in the gut: Microbial co-metabolism of sulfoquinovose by the complex human intestinal microbiota Buck Hanson <University of Vienna, Austria>
12:00 Lunch Break  
Students' Sulfur Microbes Slam (Mixed topics)
Convenor: Kai Finster
14:00 A mechanistic understanding of the oxygen isotope effects during microbial sulfate reduction Emma Bertran <Harvard University, USA>
14:15 Pyrite formation from FeS and H2S - a novel type of energy metabolism Joana Thiel <University of Constance, Germany>
14:30 Hypoxia enhances sulfur-driven chemosynthesis in nematode symbionts Gabriela Paredes <University of Vienna, Austria>
14:45 The sulfur-oxidizing Riftia symbiosis: unravelling symbiotic interactions protein by protein Tjorven Hinzke <Institute of Marine Biotechnology, Greifswald, Germany>
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Sulfidogenic sulfoquinovose degradation pathways in two-member bacterial communities Anna Burrichter <University of Constance, Germany>
15:45 Transcriptomic and proteomic insight into the mechanism of cyclooctasulfur- versus thiosulfate-oxidation by the chemolithoautotroph Sulfurimonas denitrificans Florian Götz <Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA>
16:00 Poster session
18:30 Joint walk to City Hall
19:00 Conference dinner in Vienna City Hall



WEDNESDAY 18 April 2018

Inside sulfur microbes (Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics) and getting them to work for us (Biotechnology)
Convenor: Judy Wall
09:00 Invited talk: Physiology and bioenergetics of dissimilatory sulfate reduction Inês Pereira <NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal>
09:30 Sulfur metabolism in Archaea Filipa Sousa <University of Vienna, Austria>
09:50 A novel sulfur oxidation pathway provides a new link between the cycles of organic and inorganic sulfur compounds Christiane Dahl <RFW University of Bonn, Germany>
10:10 Proteomes, promoters and operators in Chlorobaculum tepidum sulfur metabolism Thomas Hanson <University of Delaware, USA>
10:30 Coffee break 
Convenor: Dirk de Beer  
11:00 Invited talk: Cyanobacterial photosynthesis under sulfidic conditions Trinity Hamilton <University of Minnesota, USA>
11:30 Invited talk: Marine microbial DMSP synthesis - from genes to microbes to pathways Jonathan Todd <University of East Anglia, UK>
12:00 Lunch Break  
Session continued: Inside sulfur microbes (Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics) and getting them to work for us (Biotechnology)
Convenor: Stefan Sievert
14:00 Invited talk: Evolution of control within the dissimilatory sulfate reduction pathway: adaptive predictions and isotopic consequences Boswell Wing <University of Colorado Boulder, USA>
14:30 Isotopic and proteomic indicators of sulfate reducer metabolic state William Leavitt <Dartmouth College, USA>
14:50 Surviving sulfoxide stress - insights into sulfur metabolism in a human pathogen Ulrike Kappler <University of Queensland, Australia>
15:10 Microbial oxidative sulfur metabolism: biochemical evidence of the membrane-bound heterodisulfide reductase-like complex of the bacterium Aquifex aeolicus Marianne Guiral <CNRS-Aix Marseille University, France>
15:30 Coffee break
Convenor: David Schleheck
16:00 Microbial sulfur oxygenases - with and without reductase activities Arnulf Kletzin <Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany>
16:20 Invited talk: Ecophysiology and application of acidophilic sulfate- and sulfur-reducing bacteria Alfons Stams <Wageningen University, The Netherlands>
16:50 Design and application of sulfidogenic bioreactors targeting metal capture from and mitigation of acidic waste-waters Barrie Johnson <Bangor University, UK>
17:10 Enrichment of anaerobic methanotrophs in biotrickling filters using different sulfur compounds as electron acceptor Chiara Cssarini <National University of Ireland Galway, UK>
17:30 Awards ceremony and closing remarks
18:00 End